Friday, December 18, 2015

I'm Ready for a Fresh Start

Frosted Flakes
Original Photograph
by Carolynn Anctil © 2015

Lately, my hand , when I sit down with my journal each morning, wants to write 2016. This past year has been hard on us and I think I'm primed and ready for the fresh start a New Year represents.

We have received enormous blessings over the course of this past year, it's true, and I don't disregard these. There were new friends made, financial blessings, mild weather, creative expression, and moments of real soul peace. 

2015 did, however, begin will a tenancious illness and ends with death. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, it has been a memorable year for all the wrong reasons.

Frozen in Time
Original Photograph
by Carolynn Anctil © 2015

I've always wanted to incorporate a ritual cleansing in my New Year's Eve tradition, but have never been prepared. Past years have been hectic and busy with Christmas preparations and I typically remember I'd wanted to do something, after the event has come and gone. This year, I've slowed things down considerably, and I have the mental capacity to actually plan ahead with intention. 

This year, I'd like to do something significant to mark the passing of another year. I will gently, respectfully thank it for it's lessons, bid it farewell and close the door with a firm click behind it. I'm not sure yet, how it will all look, but I plan to make it personal, powerful, and sacred. It will likely involve the written word and the ritual burning of stuff.

For now, I'm content to sit with the intention and see what rises to the surface.

Do you have a New Year's Eve ritual that you engage in? I'd love to hear.

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