Sunday, December 13, 2015

In Appreciation of Winter

I've recently developed a new appreciation for peaceful Winter mornings. 

As much as I love Spring and Summer, those days are full and start immediately upon waking with a garden that needs tending before it gets too hot. There is no time for quiet contemplation over a fresh cup of coffee, or for writing in my journal. During the height of Summer, the sun rises at the ungodly hour of 4:30 a.m., so curling up in a chair by the fireplace to watch the sun brighten the sky is a pastime that is best enjoyed during the dark winter months. 

True, during the Summer, I'm outdoors enjoying the rich scent of loamy earth and new growth, a symphony of birdsong and coyote calls. But the sense of rest and gentle awakening is missing in a rush and flurry of chores.

During the Winter, time seems to stretch and lengthen and there is enough of it to spend within the pages of a book or luxuriating in scented bathwater. The smell of fresh baking cooling on the counter feels especially soothing and cozy on cold days with snow falling outside the kitchen window.

I've been impatient with Winter up until now, constantly checking my watch to see if it'll be leaving soon. Now, I find myself savouring the sense of calm and peace that comes with a fresh blanket of snow and a fire banked against the chill.  


  1. I admire your thoughts here Carolyn, it seems you have learned to live in the moment and enjoy it. Love your photo too!

  2. It sounds so peaceful and serene, Carolyn. It has been so warm here in Kentucky that we have felt more like spring. I know there will be cold days ahead this winter, and when they come I hope to relax and enjoy the peace too. xo Laura

  3. Jean: It's been a long time coming! lol...

    Laura: We had similar weather until a couple of weeks ago. Now, it looks like we'll have a cold White Christmas, after all.


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