Friday, January 22, 2016

Rural Magazine - Winter Love & Two New Illustrations

Working Girl
Original Watercolour Illustration
by Carolynn Anctil © 2016

I'm pleased to debut two new original watercolour illustrations in this month's issue of RURAL magazine. They appear on pages 10 & 11 in this beautiful publication that's celebrating Winter Love. 

Both works of art are available as limited edition giclee prints and can be purchased here

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  1. Saw your new illustrations yesterday, Carolynn. They are gorgeous. xo Laura

  2. Interesting publication; liked your article about chickens - so true, we raised them when I was growing up on a farm. Your illustrations are wonderful. You are a person of many talents.

  3. Hi, a few months ago I found my way to your blog through another blog, although, my apologies, I can't recall which blogger lead me here. I noticed you are living in SK (I live here as well) and admire your artwork and your photography, so I've hung around.


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