Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Illustration and a Poem

Original Watercolour Illustration
Copywrite Carolynn Anctil 2016

I completed what will likely be my last illustration of the year. I based it on a photograph I took several years ago and it's been one of my favourites.

For the longest time, I saw these two men as old friends, enjoying a warm summer's day, comfortable in each other's company.

After spending some time with them over the last few days, I think they're father and son. 

What do you think?


I wrote a poem the other day. That, in itself, is not all that remarkable. I don't consider myself a poet though and I kind of surprised m'self. Enjoy!

Keep Going

I feel a small drop in the vast ocean of time.
What possible influence could I have on distant shores?
Yet, fjords and caverns are carved by one such as I.

Keep going.  Keep going.

You don't know whom you touch by simply drawing breath each day.
Hold fast to your dreams, ethereal and coy.
Hold fast to the thin thread that draws you ever closer to your soul's desire.
Heed that soft whisper that breathes "Destiny" against your neck and sends shivers down your spine.

Train your eyes to see the faint glimmer of promise in the gloaming
as though a candle set amid a dark forest thick.
Set your shields against the gathering mist, brave one, and forge ahead
with all you have been gifted with, knowing that, 
though your journey be long and fraught with danger,
you never travel alone.

Written by Carolynn Anctil 2016
All Rights Reserved

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